Training Essentials

Get details on available VISTA courses, webinars, and more.

Online Courses

1699: VISTA: Accessing and Navigating
Explore the benefits of the VISTA system and see a high-level overview of the functionality available on the different tabs.

1700: VISTA: Inventory Management
See the processes for allocations, modifying vehicle orders, contracting vehicles to customers, and ordering pre-sale vehicles.

1701: VISTA: Using Locator, Search, and Trades
Discover how to search your own inventory as well as locate vehicles available at a Volvo port or a retailer trading partner.

1702: VISTA: Contracting, Handover and Running Reports
Learn how to generate a variety of helpful reports using the VISTA system, including inventory and pipeline reports.

Accessing the training

Just sign into VRC2 and go to the Volvo Car Performance Academy.


Access: VRC2 > Volvo Cars Performance Academy

For VRC2 log-on support, call the Volvo Support Center at
888-426-3658. For password reset, contact your local administrator.